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Anant IVF Center

Experiencing the Glory of Parenthood is one of the Most Wonderful Feelings in this World and only those who Experience it can really know the joy of it. Unfortunately, some Couples suffer from Infertility and if you are one of those, then In – Vitro Fertilization Commonly known as IVF Comes as a Great Hope for you. It is a Major Treatment for Infertility when other Methods of Assisted Reproductive Technology have Failed.

However, this Medical Procedure is not Easy and Involves a Great Deal of Expertise for it to be successful. Therefore, Choosing the right IVF Specialist and the right IVF Center is Very Crucial. There are many IVF Centers in India but – Anant IVF Center in Baroda, is known to be one of the Most Promising and Caring IVF and Gynae Solutions Centers in the Country. Dr. Pallavi Satarkar, One of the Finest IVF Specialists in India and the Chief Gynecologist at the Center Successfully runs it Along with her Team Members. With her Patient-Centric Approach Aimed at the Welfare of the Mother and the Child.

Our Center

Offering World – Class Infertility Treatment, Anant IVF Centre – is a Dedicated IVF Center Spreading Over 3500 sq. feet area making it one of the Best IVF Center Baroda city, India. The Center has the best of Infrastructure that Matches all International Guidelines & Standards Including the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology Guidelines). The Doctors’ team at the Center Continuously updates itself with the Latest Technologies and Equipment in the Field of IVF. It offers Advanced Infertility Treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, EMBRYO FREEZING, EGG FREEZING, EGG DONATION, DONOR INSEMINATION, PESA / TESA, and Surrogacy in INDIA.

This Center is also the First to Start Psychological Support Counseling Module for its Infertility Couples. Integrating Psychological Counseling with the IVF Treatment, Dr. Pallavi Satarkar makes sure that her Patients go Ahead with the Treatment with Peace of Mind and not with Stress. Studies have shown that IVF Success rate Increases if Psychological Counseling is Integrated in the IVF Treatment.

Our Facilities

  • Standard Labs
  • OT & Lab are Maintained as Clean Rooms
  • Thermal & Sound Insulated Technology Door & Windows that are Dust & Air Leakage Proof
  • Embryologist Friendly Ergonomically Designed Lab
  • Complete UPS – Auto – Generator Backups
  • Latest Workstations RI Systems (UK) High end ICSI Machines
  • International Standard FREEZING Systems
  • Separate Office Space for Maintenance of Records
  • Highly Reputed & Qualified Embryologists
  • Pharmacy Outlet

Hope is Life’s Treasure and it is this Treasure which keeps us going even During the Most Difficult times of Our Lives. It Comes with Strength, it Comes with Possibilities. So don’t Lose hope if you are Facing the Problem of Infertility. Come to us and We will do Our best to Adorn your World with the Joy of Parenthood.

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