Fertility Preservation In Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis may not immediately lead to thoughts about preserving one’s fertility. But, if you’re a woman of childbearing age or a man who is concerned about his future ability to become a father, it is important to understand that the treatments that help fight cancer may also affect your ability to have children.

Will my treatment have any short or long term side effects on my reproductive system?

Different cancer treatments affect the body in different ways. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can all affect your reproductive system. In general, the higher the dose and longer the treatment, the higher the chance for reproductive problems. Ask your doctor at Aster IVF to help determine the fertility risks associated with your individual treatment regimen. Fortunately, there are more options to preserve your fertility than ever before.

What are my fertility preservation options before treatment?


Sperm Freezing: Sperm may be frozen and "Banked" for future use. It is strongly recommended that sperm be collected prior to initiation of treatment because the quality of the sample and sperm DNA integrity may be compromised even after a single treatment session. Even if your sperm count is low or you only have time yo make one deposit, Sperm Banking may still be worthwhile. Once sperm is frozen, there is no limit as to how long it can remain frozen until it is used.

Testicular Tissue Freezing: It is an option for some men who can not bank sperm because of the inability to ejaculate. When sperm are present in the testicle but not in the semen, it is a relatively straight - forward outpatient surgical procedure to remove sperm - bearing tissue from the testicles and freeze it for future use.


Egg Freezing : Egg freezing is now a very good option for unmarried women. At Anant IVF Centre, we have an excellent egg vitrification program and our pregnancy rates after egg freezing are comparable to fresh eggs. The process requires hormonal stimukation to retrieve your eggs and takes two to six weeks.

Ovarian Tissue Freezing: Ovarian tissue freezing may be a good option if you do not have a lot of time before treatment or if you can not have the hormonal stimulation needed for egg retrieval for either egg or embryo freezing. This approach involves the surgical removal and freezing of ovarian tissue.

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